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Anti-Nuclear Protests mark Anniversary of Fukushima Disaster

March 21, 2012

In this video, Civis Journal looks at the recent protest to gauge the way in which Japanese in New York chose to mark the one year anniversary of the disaster. Exactly one year to the day, Japan held a nationwide memorial to remember the victims of the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami. In addition, protesters in Japan and New York called attention to the ongoing radiation problems in the Fukushima area. They called on the Japanese government to protect people’s health, and to end its use of nuclear power.

  1. March 24, 2012 at 15:59

    Any Nuclear Power Plant is dangerous. Who will pay the “human” costs after an accident? NY and Rio have two things in common: We love our cities but we have dangerous nuclear power plants close to us. In Rio de Janeiro we have two nuclear power stations (Angra 1,2) and number 3 (Angra 3) is in construction. For that I would like to invite everybody to our next Uranium Film Festival about nuclear energy, uranium mining and radioactive risks a few days after the Rio plus 20. By the way the documentary “Indian Point – Nowhere to Run” by Tobe Carey and 39 other films selected for the competition (“Yellow Oscar” award) of the 2nd Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro, June 28 to July 14, 2012.
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