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The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in NYC

October 31, 2012

This is a special presentation by a group of journalists who travelled to the outer reaches of NYC to see how the less developed parts are dealing with the storm on October 30th and 31st. They show a small part of the difficulties facing residents of NYC’s most isolated borough, Staten Island. Many residents are still without electricity, and several of the elderly complained of the difficulties staying warm or the effect the cold could have on their medical conditions.
In some of the photos there is a complete lack of order as cars race through streets without traffic signals or police to direct traffic. In the areas with working signals, traffic is more normalm however.  It is also possible to see downed wires hanging right onto sidewalks, the middle of the street and in the open with no cordons or warnings at all. One street off Hylan Boulevard that has extensive damage was cordoned off (Jefferson), but crews have yet to begin work. A reported saw a Con Ed van pull up, take a look at it and then speed off.

Few people were out walking the roads, though there were a number of residents removing debris from their property and trying to pump out flooded basements. During the day our journalists witnessed no trick or treaters, though there were at least a few in the afternoon.
Motorists had to drive around for miles just to find a gas station with electricity. The few open stations were mobbed with drivers willing to wait a half an hour or more to fill a tank, a reminder of what should be done before a storm arrives. Others went to supermarkets just to find some of the frozen sections cordoned off due to spoilage of food in the areas without electricity.

Whilst there were some rude drivers, there were also a large number of people showing concern for neighbours and total strangers. Most people our journalists spoke to indicated a desire to find relatives, check on their loved ones, get supplies or get to work – a daunting task without the SI Ferry, SI Rail or regular bus service (though some bus service is up and running).

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    Park Choul works by flashlight in his deli in New York’s East Village on Thursday, November 1. More than 3.3 million customers remain without electricity in 15 states and the District of Columbia four days after Sandy barreled ashore. The U.S. East Coast is attempting to recover from the effects of floods, fires and power outages caused by the storm. View photos of the recovery effort in New York.

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