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Occupy Wall Street Stages Rally to Show Support for Walmart Workers

November 24, 2012

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On Black Friday, instead of shopping or eating leftover turkey with friends, several hundred protests affiliated with Occupy Wall Street converged at the Walmart in Secaucus New Jersey this afternoon to protest what they term to be unfair labour practices by the retail giant.
Starting this afternoon at around 12:  groups, some of which had been bussed in, staged rallies nearby and in front of the Walmart to call for higher wages, better hours and the right to form a union. A marching band played music while members lined up and shouted slogans. Though the crowd was large and had to be repeatedly directed by police to prevent traffic problems, the protesters did not seek to interfere with shoppers or workers. Their goal, as they put it, was to educate members of the public to the working conditions of the workers and to be outside and show support for the workers, they argued, were unable to join them on the picket line due threats or intimidation.

The peaceful protest lasted about four hours and saw a number of people take their literature, and at least one woman said she would no longer be shopping at Walmart until they amended their labour practices. According to Secausus police, there were no incidents of violence or arrests. There were few instances during which store employees spoke to protesters, but mostly management sought to keep their distance from the protest.
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